Welcome to the home of the St. Donato Alumni Association.

St. Donato, the church we call our own with pride and dedication. The church that holds the events of our lives, and the lives of parishioners long before us. Births, marriages, deaths, festivals, carnivals, feasts, graduations, and other celebrations. A most magnificent church full of a rich history that sustains our beliefs, enlivens our traditions, and deepens our heritage.

A church whose pulse beats powerfully in the hearts of thousands ‐ in Overbrook and beyond. The walls of this most sacred church stand not only on the corner of 65th and Callowhill Streets – these walls are boundless, stretching to communities throughout the Philadelphia area and its suburbs. Walls that contain a brotherhood and sisterhood whose mighty spirit can be measured by the love for one another; for Jesus Christ; and for St. Donato Church.

It is a spirit, if harnessed, that we can use to propel our church into the future. This church endures as a beacon of hope for all of us, and now is your opportunity to become a part of St. Donato's storied history. St. Donato needs your support now more than ever before. How can you show your support? It's easy. Simply come to church and celebrate mass with your St. Donato family.


St. Donato Church is OPEN!
Click here to become a part of the St. Donato Alumni Initiative by simply coming to mass!